COVID-19 eThembeni Charity Ride 6 June 2020

As the whole world is under lockdown and people have slowed down their livelihoods. This has given a rise to internalise what is important in life and think about those that are less fortunate than us. eThembeni as one of the homes we have adopted and it's only befitting to ensure that we reminded them that we are thinking of them and needed to ensure that they have their COVID-19 necessities during these trying times.

As members we contributed as per normal charity event. We went and bought masks, sanitisers and an electronic thermometer for daily temperature readings. The balance was used for non-perishable food.

We organised travelling permits and mounted our iron horses. We ensured that COVID-19 regulations, as per the government gazette, were adhered to at all times from the meeting point, during the travel to eThembeni, at eThembeni and finally when travelling back to our respective homes. Measures such as social distancing, sanitising at all times and washing of hands were on high alert.

We conducting a mini-workshop on COVID-19 awareness and behaviour in an effort to equip the home with the necessary knowledge and protection from the virus.

The Following members attended:

1. President Sbuda
2. Torino187
3. Nak’d Resla
4. Roc
5. Road Captain Mzee
6. BLiNG
7. Pitoro
8. MaFredo
9. Stevo
10. Afrika
11. Sarz
12. Amazon

We were joined by Friends of Sopranos

1. Madibo
2. Alfred
3. Big Show
4. Charles
5. Justice
6. Lone Wolfe

The event was a successful and fulfilling memorable moment.

It is heart-warming to see that we can still find the desire and the will to give to the less fortunate during these trying times.

“The World is Our Playground”